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[LOL/LEAGUEOFLEGENDS] 리그오브레전드 신규 챔피언 바이 스킨 이미지 미리보기 동영상, 네온 스트라이크 바이, 롤 엘오엘 챔피언 스킨

귀환포즈가 부왘이라던데...


네온 스트라이크 바이 미리보기 유튜브 동영상



네온 스트라이크 바이



바이 기본 스킨




  • Vi was designed by gypsylord.
  • Vi features several easter eggs:
    • Allied Caitlyn
    • Each gains the cosmetic buff, "On The Case: Piltover's finest".
    • Each gains +1 movement speed while near one another.
    • Each gains +1 bonus gold if they each participate in a kill.
    • Three unique shouts in response to an allied Ace in the Hole.
  • Enemy Caitlyn
  • Vi is the first champion to be revealed by a feedback thread rather than by a sneak peak or art spotlight.[2]
  • Prior to her PBE release, Vi's character archetype had been in and out of development for two years.[3]
  • Vi is the fifth champion that can crowd control themselves, with the first four being Rumble, Varus, Xerath and Ziggs.
  • Vi has the most jokes in the game, at five, beating out the previous record holders Swain and Lux at four.
  • Vi's last two abilities, "Excessive Force" and "Assault and Battery", are named after real criminal charges.
  • Vi's dance is the Dougie. A side-by-side comparison can be seen here .
  • Vi's login theme was sung by Nicki Taylor , lead singer of the band "Running the Risk"
    • Vi is the second champion to have a login theme that contained vocals, the first being Diana.
  • Vi's design could be a reference to Borderlands.
    • Her head resembles one of the unlockable heads for Siren from Borderlands 2.
    • Her background resembles that of Brick - a melee berserker from the original Borderlands, often portrayed with his huge pair of fists.
  • VI - 6 in Roman Numerals
  • Some players will claim that Vi is the 6th champion to represent Piltover. This is incorrect. Vi is, in fact, the 5th champion to originate from Piltover - along Caitlyn, Ezreal, Jayce and Orianna. Corki, Heimerdinger and Ziggs currently reside in Piltover, and so in this respect she is the 8th champion from Piltover.

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