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  1. 2014.02.14 [STARCRAFT/스타] 스타크래프트1 브루드워 베틀넷 요즘 모습, Starcraft Broodwar Battlenet
  2. 2008.07.28 [SC] STARCRAFT MAPHACK VER 1.15.2 스타크래프트 맵핵 (4)
2014. 2. 14. 11:01 GAME/STARCRAFT
[STARCRAFT/스타] 스타크래프트1 브루드워 베틀넷 요즘 모습, Starcraft Broodwar Battlenet

유즈맵이 퀴즈퀴즈로 진화해버린 상황

자세히보면 우리나라가 물 부족국가가 아님을 일깨워주는,

유즈맵 제작자의 깊은뜻이 담겨있습니다.

닭, 잉여 대가리들과 피쉬섭의 레드리치 ㅋㅋ

미생물 수준의 뇌

중국의 수도가 장안인줄 아는 플레이어 사망

물부족 국가, 우리는 새뇌되었던것이였습니다.

전멸, 물마시러 ㄱㄱ

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2008. 7. 28. 02:08 GAME/STARCRAFT
[SC] STARCRAFT MAPHACK VER 1.15.2 스타크래프트 맵핵

사용자 삽입 이미지

starcraft battle.net


zLoader v1.0.0.1
Dll hack loader for Starcraft/Brood War
Made by Zynastor (zynastor@hotmail.com)

- In-Game

F5                       Toggle lag defender on/off. (Removes lag box screen)

F6                       Use zerg mineral hack exploit on selected larva, hydralisk or mutalisk.

Ctrl + F6              Use zerg building recycle exploit on selected hatchery, lair, spire or creep colony.

F8                       Add/Remove unit for auto queue.

Ctrl + F8              Remove all units for auto queue.

F9                       Toggle global auto queue on/off.

Ctrl + F9              Toggle subunit auto queue on/off.

F11                     Toggle elapsed timer mode forwards.

Ctrl + F11            Toggle elapsed timer mode backwards.

F12                     Toggle five-state stat hack forwards.

Ctrl + F12            Toggle five-state stat hack backwards.

~ / Alt                 Select all units of the same type that are currently selected.

Numpad 0            Use the drone float exploit. (Continues as long as button is held)

Delete                 Toggle in-game message log.

Pause                  Pause/Resume game.

Ctrl + F               Find and select idle worker.

Insert                  Toggle three-state maphack forwards.

Ctrl + Insert         Toggle three-state maphack backwards.


- Lobby

Page Up / Down    Download status spoofer. (Increase / Decrease)

End                     Refresh the game you are hosting so its on top.



Quick Reference of Commands


- In-Game

/list                     Show a list of players in the game with player id and race.

/zlist                   Show a list of players who have used zerg mineral hack exploit.

/kill                     Kill selected workers.

/hold                   Command selected units to hold position.

/rally                   Restore all rally points to default.

/mining                Display how much workers you have mining minerals.


- In-Game + Lobby

/mh [num]            Set maphack state. (1=off,  2=lite, 3=full)

/sh                       Toggle selection hack on/off.

/builda                 Toggle build anywhere on/off.

/warning              Toggle warning messages on/off.

/tclicks                Toggle maphack target clicks on/off.

/automine            Toggle worker auto mine on/off.

/unitalert             Toggle unit alert on/off.

/nukealert            Toggle nuclear missile alert on/off.

/dropalert            Toggle dropship alert on/off.

/autounally           Toggle auto unally on/off.

/actlog                 Toggle in-game action logger on/off.


- Channel

/spoof [name]       Spoof a custom name. (Supports color)

/spoof [num]        Spoof a saved name from list. (1 to 5)

/sn [num]             Save spoof name to list. (1 to 5)

/dn [num]            Delete spoof name from list. (1 to 5)

/ln                       List saved spoof names.

/rn                       Restore current spoof name to original name.

/cn                       Display current spoof name.

/ar                       Toggle auto respoof on/off. (Default on)

/home                  Join home channel. (Set home channel in Oblivion.ini)

/uptime               Display current system and Oblivion uptime.

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